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I am an East coast transplant with an adventurous spirit and a curiosity to see the country.

The mountains sing to my soul just  like the ocean does.  

St. Louis is where I make my bed and do the laundry for the four of us---five, if you count Poncho Smooth, our sweet dog, but he does not add (much) to the laundry.

Life is about connecting, loving, and sharing space and time. I learned that from photography.


From the moment I stepped foot in a darkroom,  with the smell of fixer, the red-colored light, the images appearing under the ripples of chemicals in their trays, photography had captured  my heart.


The realization that I was able to capture a moment, a feeling that could be re-lived each time that print was seen,  just blew my mind.  I wanted to share that feeling. 


 Why should you hire me?

I bring a friendly, positive energy that allows my clients to feel at ease while we create and achieve our desired results. 

My approach is simple.  Using my experience and skillful techniques, I am able to capture the essence of the moment.  Capturing a moment in time.  

 A genuine passion for all things photographic, sincere people, beautiful spaces, and gorgeous light, so on.   I will show up with the same passion and dedication  for each and every job. 

I look forward to working together.

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